About Joanne's Staking Service

The purpose of this site is to provide clients online accessibility to their stake information for horses staked by JSS.

Owners & trainers of horses currently being staked by JSS receive via mail a chronological list of events for the current year that each horse is eligible to in North America based on available early and late closers, previous nominations and sustaining payments to stake races. Each personalized list will show the events listed chronologically by race date as well as the track, purse, starting fee, conditions and required payments. Events that require a sustaining payment for next year eligibility are also shown on this report. In other words...all the information available to make an informed decision when staking your horse.

JSS will ensure that contact has been made to the correspondent (usually the owner or trainer) prior to each monthly payment for direction as to which payments are to be made. A statement and individual horse invoice(s) are then emailed to the owner(s). Prompt payment is essential. JSS will ensure that the payments selected are made to the various stake sponsors.

After the May 15th payment, a final schedule is mailed to the owner(s) and trainer showing the paid into events only. This information is also available online 24/7. In addition to horse/stake information, you will be able to access your horse roster, account status, upcoming events not found on your horse report that are updated as we receive them, races you can supplement to prior to the box closing and invitational races.

Feel free to contact us on our toll free line if you have any questions.

Jim Inglis

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